The Next Time You Fall For Someone, Take A Risk


The next time you fall for someone, don’t like their selfies and hope they get the hint. That is the equivalent of staring at someone attractive from across the room and hoping they take initiative and start up a conversation with you.

When you fall for someone, you should not sit passively by. You should not hope they make the first move. Make the move yourself. Speak your mind. Live your truth. Scream your emotions. Do not bottle them up inside because they are longing to be released.

The next time you fall for someone, take a risk. You can start small at first. Add them on social media. Approach them at the bar. Send the first text. Walk up to their desk and ask them a random question about work. Get a conversation going in whatever way you can. Do not give them the opportunity to overlook you. Do not remain invisible in the background. Make yourself seen.

Even though you have strong insecurities that are convincing you otherwise, you are a catch. You are going to make someone exceedingly happy. It might not be the next person you fall for — but you never know. That is why you need to take a leap of faith.

Once you get to know them a little better, look them in the eyes and tell them how you feel. Sending signals is not enough because they can get muddled and lost in translation. If you want a real chance with the person of your dreams, then you need to spell out your feelings for them. You need to ask them on an official date. You need to explain how much they mean to you.

The next time you fall for someone, do not let fear hold you back. Do not remain in your comfort zone. Do not worry about rejection. Do not freak out about what’s going to happen if they do not feel the same way.

Focus on what could go right. Think about the future you could create together. Psych yourself up for a change instead of tearing yourself down.

Two seconds could change your entire universe. It takes two seconds to send a text. Two seconds to say, “Would you like to go on a date this weekend?” Two seconds to reveal how much you have been thinking about them, how much you have grown to care about them.

The next time you fall for someone, do not act like they are only a friend. Do not diminish your feelings for them. Do not play pretend because you are too terrified to face the truth, let alone admit the truth to them.

The next time you fall for someone, do yourself a favor and make sure they know how you feel. Otherwise you are letting your chances of living happily ever after alongside them float away. You are increasing your probability of remaining alone.

Do not put yourself through that kind of pain. Do not risk a lifetime of what ifs. Risk your heart instead.