The One That Walked Away


People do get tired. It may sound like a cliché or something that is almost devoid of meaning but everyone does get weary. At some point, we all begin to realize that this is the farthest I want to be.

There is that moment when enough is enough.

That time when you feel strongest in walking away.

That instance when you’re too consumed with anger, despair and depression that it clouds all the reasons you had for staying.

That day when the only thing that mattered was getting away.

That hour when every painful second tears at you bit by bit.

That minute when you’re bleeding on in the inside and you literally feel the burning and stinging sensation inside your chest.

That second when leaving is the best option.

Most people being left behind become so full of anguish and unparalleled pain and they do have their own stories to tell. But no one has ever asked the version of the one who left.

What did she feel? What was she thinking? What really provoked her into packing her bags and leaving the most important part of her? And most of the time, she keeps mum about her side. It’s not for lack of wanting to share but mainly because every ticking of the clock reminds her of the time she has spent in being apart from him. It’s that crucial time when a slight reminder of him can make her doubt everything she stood up for and she’s afraid of crumbling into pieces and come running back into his arms.

Walking away is never easy. It entails a plethora of strength and courage to make it through and not look back. Because more often than not, some people become better individuals when they’re apart rather than when they’re together.

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