The One Thing That Tells You If She’s The One For You


If you’ve been dating for longer than one and a half years and you’re over the age of 24, you really have to consider that she might be the one, or else you’re ignoring the elephant in the room. It’s not an easy decision, and when you’ve been together for a while, the relationship feels like a routine and you might really think you know her without actually knowing her. Before you pop the question, here’s a foolproof way to make sure it’s the right move — all you need is you keys:

You two are in the communal living room when you rummage in your pocket and ask her if she’s seen your phone. She hasn’t; “Hmm, I must’ve left it in the car, ” you say, and walk to the door. Stop once you’re 15 to 20 feet away, then turn and say, “Shoot, babe can you throw me my keys?”

Make sure the keys are close to her and don’t close the distance by taking a step towards her. The following throws will tell you if she’s the one:

1. Inaccurate/short throw:

She’s not an athlete, which is fine, but an inaccurate throw from a distance of 15 feet tells you she lacks rudimentary depth-perception and probably has poorly-developed fast-twitch muscle fiber. If these traits are passed on to your offspring, you might have to dry your child’s tears when they tell you they never get picked to play sports in PE. It’s not a deal-breaker, but it’s something to consider.

2. Overhand:

If she’s throwing the keys overhand from this distance, she might be unconsciously taking out her aggression, and if she’s taking that aggression out on a simple throw of the keys, you definitely wont feel safe when she’s behind the wheel.

3. Walks the keys to you:

Maybe she’s too embarrassed to mess up and throw the keys off the ceiling, and there’s a good chance she’ll give a cute smile and blush when she refuses to toss them. This really tells more about you, because if she’s that afraid to embarrass herself, she probably feels like the relationship is one-sided and you need to get to the bottom of why she feels that way.

4. Underhand, accurate, no hesitation, low arc:

This is the most reasonable throw. She didn’t hesitate which tells you that she’s confident and doesn’t give a shit about impressing you, at least not with something as simple as a throw of the keys. If she looks away before you catch the keys, she might be the one wearing the pants in the relationship, so make sure you catch the keys with one hand to reestablish your manhood.

5. Basketball shot:

If she does a standing jump shot and says “Kobe!” while pausing in the bent-wrist position, she’s either hilarious or in a great mood. The fact that she took this key throw and made it something funny while referencing one of basketball’s greats tells you she’s just awesome. She’s playful and loves doing silly things that make both of you smile. Lock that up ASAP.

featured image – Lauren Rushing