The One Thing To Do If You Want To Be Unconditionally Happy


Everyone wants to be happy; no one actually likes the feeling of suffrage. So, what is the key to happiness? What is this journey rather than destination that everyone preaches about? How do we and what choices do we make each moment to become so ruthlessly happy?

Yes, happiness is a choice – but what are the minuscule aspects of this choice that we also indeed have to choose?

True happiness comes from living out our truth.

When I say truth, I refer to the thing(s) that enable us to thrive rather than suffer. Unhappiness comes from denying our truth in order to function where we are not meant to be in the first place.

Anytime we feel ache, it comes from not being aligned with our true self. It’s as simple as that. It. Is. As. Simple. As. That.

Our truth stems from why we are here, it’s what we want to give to the world and who we want to be in the world.

I think that everyone’s truth is a bit different, I think my reason for being on this planet will always differ from everyone else’s – we were beautifully and wonderfully designed to be different.

I boiled my truth down to four major components in which make up my entire existences foundation.

1. Emotional Availability – I want to be in a space where I am so emotionally available that voicing both my bliss and discomfort is and feels painfully natural.

2. Mental Freedom – I want to feel fluid and free to mentally venture wherever I need to go, I do not want anxiety or worry.

3. Wholeheartedness – I want to be genuine, present, and everything else that makes up a wholehearted person.

4. The Ability/Willingness To Grow – I never want to stop learning and I want to encourage others to never stop as well.

Now, because these are my truths, my choices must reflect the meaning and purpose behind having them.

This means that our company must reflect our truth, this means that our occupation must reflect our truth, this means that the way we speak to ourselves in the mirror must reflect our truth, etc.

For an example, having an intimate (or platonic) relationship with someone who has a closed mind and or refuses to talk about their feelings is inevitably going to make me unhappy because that relationship doesn’t align with my truth (two of which are emotional availability AND the willingness to grow/learn).

The first step is to find out what your truth is. The second step is to make choices that honor your truth.

This can be done by sharing your truth with the world, making sure that your friendships, relationship, occupation, and your own thoughts are aligned with exactly who you want to be and what you want your legacy / place in this world to be. The third and final step is learning how to ignore the noise. This noise comes from the insecure parts of ourselves that we haven’t befriended nor introduced to our truth yet. The noise is the doubt, it’s the comparing yourself to other people, it’s the feeling that you are unworthy, it’s the falling back into old habits that do not support or encourage your truth.

If you choose thoughts that align with your truth (your purpose/who you want to be, which you in fact get to choose), if your friendships align with your truth, if your relationships align with your truth, if your hobbies align with your truth, if your conversations align with your truth; you will enter a world where you and your level of happiness are limitless.

You will enter a world where you are so submerged in your own success and your own possibility that ignoring the noise will come natural. At the end of every single day the only thing that matters is how well we honor our truth, because that is the thing that will always ensure we are where we need to be.