The One Thing You Need To Do In Order To Be Happy Right Now


I used to subconsciously think things like, “As soon as I go to Maui again, I’ll be happy” or, “If I just do this one thing, then I’ll love my body”. This is a frequent pattern we as humans exercise in our thought process, more than we realize.

The truth about happiness is that it’s never found where we are not. Happiness does not reside where we don’t currently exist. Happiness is not in the arms of someone we miss, nor is it in the hands of a love we have yet to meet. Happiness is not found in another town, in another state, in another meal, or in another body.

In order to be happy, we first have to remove all of the thoughts that tell us we aren’t. We have to stop convincing ourselves that the joy that comes from buying a brand new car paramounts the joy that stems from this current moment.

We have to stop thinking that happiness is achievable, something to long for. We have to stop telling ourselves that certain things will magically make us content.

We are our most content when we allow ourselves to be where we are without feeling like we should be somewhere else. 

Not only do we have to actively re-wire our brains to presently feel happiness in the now, but we have to make choices that support that belief system and interest. We can be happy right here, wherever we are. We just have to choose to be.

We have to choose good company HERE. 

We have to like what we do HERE.

We have to grow appreciation for ourselves and love our bodies HERE.

We have to feel accomplished HERE.

So many people get caught up in the idea that if we do ABC + cut our hair + get a tanning membership + move towns + get a new cat then we will be new and refreshed and ready to live our best life. We have to stop that. We have to speak and choose change as if it’s happening right this second. We have to choose better.

Happiness lives here, right now.