The ‘One Who Got Away’ Was Supposed To


Let’s face it, we’re obsessed with this idea of ‘the one who got away’. And quite frankly, it’s understandable. For most of us, there’s a someone (or a something) that we look back on and think what if? We romanticize what could have been and blame any current unhappiness on losing that one person. It just got away from us. Perhaps something unavoidable. Maybe distance or timing or other circumstances got in the way.

Ghosts come tapping on our backs and we wonder, how different would our lives be if they had stayed? If we’d gone after them? If losing them was never something we even had to deal with?

Ultimately, there’s no way to know.

But the ‘one who got away’ probably got away for a reason.

For whatever reason, the one who got away didn’t stay. The one who got away didn’t come back. The one who got away…got away.

So why do we paint this person as our ultimate? Why do we pretend we missed out on a chance with The One if The One isn’t still in our lives?

Important people will always come and go.

Our hearts are constantly stretching to make room for more love, for more memories, for more unforgettable people to make their marks. But that doesn’t mean it lasts. That doesn’t mean you sign up for forever.

Maybe it’s easier this way. It’s easier to pick someone and assign them a label. It’s easier to miss someone and convince ourselves that this One Who Got Away is the missing puzzle piece. Just get them back. Just fix the way history unraveled. Then, everything will be perfect. Everything will be good again.

There will be days you’re going to miss exes and almost relationships and people you never even got a chance with. You’re going to think of them on random nights when the summer breeze tickles your exposed skin. You’re going to see old photos and remember laughs and smells and things you never thought you’d be without. You’re going to question decisions in your life and try to map out a new blueprint if things had gone a tad differently.

That’s okay. That’s normal. You’ll have those days.

But remember, The One Who Got Away is a myth. Because if they were the one, you’d still have them. You’d be waking up to them every morning.

The One will come and they won’t go away. They’ll be there, loving you right back.