The One Who Let You Get Away


There he is, the love of your life, sitting across from you. He looks at you as if everything is alright. He melts away all the sadness in your heart. Makes you feel like you are the luckiest girl in the world to be loved and gives you kisses that are so sweet and tender. A year of happiness, then it all shattered. All the love and care that you felt, he made you feel as if it weren’t real.

Being with someone for a year, you thought love is in the air but little did you know, it’s a one sided love. He was persistent so you gave him a chance; a chance to capture your heart. You let him in knowing you’ll get your heart broken but you did anyway. He showed you everything to make you feel loved, that you are worth loving. You questioned the times where he didn’t seem to care but chose to ignore it and believed that, yes, he loves you and he would not do anything to hurt you.

You felt him pulling back every time he feels like he’s falling for you. He’s scared to get his heart broken. You knew that from the very beginning but you decided you’ll show him how much you love him, maybe then he’ll try to trust you. Maybe then he’ll realize that you are worth loving too. You kept on holding on to the idea that he’ll change but he keeps on pushing you away. He’d rather get your heart broken than his.

It’s confusing and your head is about to explode from too much thinking. You know it’s time to let go but it’s easier said than done. You wish someone would just come along to take all the pain away. You want to let go but at the same time you’re scared that when you do, he’ll come back and tell you he loves you so much.

You keep hoping that love is the solution to everything. Show him that love is a very powerful thing. Not only can it break you but it brings so much more joy and happiness to one’s life. But do you really wanna be treated this way? Do you really want love to consume you so much that it’ll break you?

One day, someone will come who will love you more than you’ll ever love him. Don’t give up on love just because one did not work out. Don’t hate the one that let you get away. Instead, show him compassion. Let him know he deserves to be loved and that one day, he’ll find that someone who will melt his heart; someone who will show him the world in a different view. One day he’ll realize that you are the best thing that ever happened to him. You are the one that he let get away.

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