The Only Gift I Want For Christmas Is A Year-Long Happiness


I remember making lists for Christmas, excessive lists with absurd things I dreamed of having. As I got older, the list grew smaller.

And now I barely know what I want for Christmas as the season rolls around.

I have to think that its because as we get older, life begins to fill up in such a way that material possessions aren’t necessarily…necessary.

I don’t need a wrapped present to make my heart soar any more.

I only need a feeling.

I only need to feel a never-ending happiness.

The hard part about having this hope for Christmas-time is that it doesn’t come in a perfectly-wrapped box or a snazzy gift bag. No one can gift it to you.

We have to gift happiness to ourselves and choose to receive it with open arms.

Receiving happiness this holiday season is more about how we take what is around us and turn it into something good.

It’s about finding joy despite financial instability, how we smile through the heartbreak and the letdowns, how we let life’s twists and turns only make us stronger.

It’s about enjoying the small moments, reveling in the large ones, and always finding something to be happy about.

This Christmas, I want to feel that every second of every day. Even beyond the season I want to be filled with happiness.

My “list” includes nothing else, and it shouldn’t. People know me, they know how to warm my heart. They know what will make me smile.

They know I value moments over things, so as long as the moment is perfect I won’t care what’s in their box.

Because all I want for Christmas is happiness, however I receive it.

I know this holiday season is going to hold a lot. I mean, every single day could hold an endless amount of possibilities at any point in the year. Just because we’ve entered a magical time, it doesn’t change anything.

Whatever this season throws at me, though, I just want to be a bright light through it all. I want the people around me to hand me happiness wrapped in their support and smiles as its needed, or even as they wish.

I could ask for a lot of things this year. I could ask for love, for pride, for a new iPhone or a Starbucks gift card. I could ask for money or for someone to give me my favorite chocolates, but none of that is what my heart desires.

All of that is nice, but without happiness, without true joy, I will find value in none of it.

So this holiday season, I want every gift to be wrapped in happiness, every moment to be filled with it, for every hard time to have it trailing close behind.

Because I’ve seen a lot of holiday seasons, and the most memorable ones are the happiest ones.

And I want this one to be memorable.