The Only Validation You Need Is Your Own


We all enjoy our validation. We all enjoy our attention, until one day you realize that you’re an addict to these feelings. They don’t just satisfy you, they complete you. It wasn’t conscious, but you’ve been addicted to this sense of validation as if it were a drug since childhood. It was drilled in your head that it’s the outward things in life that validate you. You develop a subconscious thought process that you can’t live without it because without it, who are you really?

When you get it, you’re on a high. A high you nearly obsess over because it feels so good to your underappreciated soul. It calms you, it puts you at ease by confirming that you are valid. If you don’t get it, you yearn for it even more. You yearn for it from the wrong places, for the wrong reasons, and from the wrong people just to get your fix. You tell yourself you need just a little bit this time. You’ll settle for anything that reminds you that you are valid.

You forget that you alone, just as you are, is so much. There’s so much to you. There’s so much life, excitement, beauty and love to learn inside of yourself if you just take a second to appreciate it. If you weren’t so preoccupied with everyone else seeing it, maybe you could.

You can learn to live without the constant validation, and you can learn what you’ve depended on them to tell you all this time. Learn that you are valid. You can show yourself the love, attention, and care you deserve. The love, attention, and care you deserve because you are valid. And you don’t need anyone or anything to confirm it anymore.

You’ll learn slowly, but surely, that this external validation isn’t necessary to live, and that life is actually quite beautiful without it. You’ll learn that life is actually worth living when you’re living for yourself instead of searching for it in everyone else.