The Painful Reality Of Faith, Love And Timing


Timing is a funny thing. You lose people in your life when you never expect to lose them, and you meet people in your life when you never expect to meet them. Strangers turn into friends. Friends turn into lovers. Lovers turn into strangers. People walk in and out of your life, but you don’t know for sure who leaves an impact, and who are merely passing by. There are times you will meet love when you never intended to fall in love. There are times you meet heartbreak while being in love. And you taught me all about that – love, heartbreak, and the essence of timing.

Love found me when I wasn’t looking. Love found me when I was busy avoiding it. I met you during one of the craziest phases of my life. It surprised me that you managed to bring love into my life then, but what surprised me even more than that was the fact that you stayed, for far longer than I ever thought you would. I initially viewed you as a vacation spot but you ended up making a home in me. You called it fate, as simple as that.

To you, it was fated the first time we met, it was fated the circumstances in which we got to know each other, it was fated the way that we walked one part of our lives together. I don’t know much about fate but perhaps you were right. Maybe you were what I needed at the time. You were the escape that brought life to my reality.

Heartbreak too found me when I didn’t see it coming. Heartbreak found me when I was happy. I lost you just when I accepted you and thought that I had you. I realized the one thing harder than losing your love, is watching the person that you love get hurt in the process of being loved. So I decided the best thing to do was to walk away before more damage was done. We were in harm’s way. I’m not sure why we met and why we had to fall in love, when we couldn’t be together.

It was painful, loving you. It was painful, leaving you. But you still believed in fate.

To you, it was fated we taught each other how to love when we never saw it coming, it was fated to have allowed the change that we needed to happen, happen. It was fated we could not last, as simple as that.

Timing is a funny thing. You meet someone that represents light when the days are dark, and everything about them is good for you, but the timing is off. Then you meet someone that is reckless and impulsive, and everything they are is something you’re not, but the timing aligns perfectly.

What does it mean to fall in love with the right person at the wrong time, but then fall for the wrong person at the right time? What is this illusion? Why does love, something so pure and transparent in its own right, have to be so complicated? But you taught me this lesson too – about the importance of timing. About how everything happens right when they are supposed to. About how there is no such thing as coincidences or accidents in God’s book.

I’ve learned that for some reason beyond our comprehension and control, not everybody that comes into our lives is meant to stay in it.

Sometimes people come into our life to teach us lessons and help us live, and then they leave once their mission is done. Life’s like that. You love, to hurt. Then you hurt, to love. They all come back full circle. Love is full circle. Heartbreak is full circle. Timing is full circle. When you experience these things, you will agree that life is indeed full circle.