The Perfect Alternative To Cable TV


As someone in their late 20s, (oops, 30 now) I’ve always thought there was a bit of a stigma attached to watching videos on YouTube. Maybe because I’ve had a chance to see YouTube in the beginning stages when it was all just about epic fail and cat videos back in 2005, with the general quality of the content being pretty low. Fast-forward nearly a decade; YouTube has evolved into a strong alternative to cable TV (but not Netflix, they are golden).

There are some seriously entertaining and informative shows on YouTube that come out on a weekly, and sometimes even daily basis. Whether you are into cooking, geek stuff, or technology, chances are there is a YouTube series you are missing out on.

Quality YouTube Shows Are Here

You can even find some full-blown networks with schedules of shows on YouTube (The Cooking Channel for culinary treats, Geek & Sundry for geek stuff, and Rev3 for technology). The production quality between some of these higher end shows on YouTube and shows you would see on network TV can be virtually identical.

TV Networks Are Taking The Plunge

And speaking of network TV, some of your favorite TV shows and personalities are starting to regularly put out YouTube content. Jimmy Fallon usually puts the best of his Late Show on YouTube, while Andy Cohen from Bravo takes it to the next level and creates “after-shows” that you can’t see on TV.

Dig A Little

With a little digging you can even find some hidden gem channels on YouTube that tailor to your micro-entertainment needs. Shows that you would never find on TV you can find at the drop of a hat on YouTube. The cool thing about finding a hidden gem channel, or YouTube personality, is the fact you can become part of a small niche community depending on the size of the channel. After watching a channel for a while, you will get to recognize some of the regular commenters (even if you just lurk) and even will have some opportunity to interact directly with the host of the show.

Ease Of Access

YouTube can be watched almost freaking anywhere! You can watch from your iPhone, game console, or even directly from your smart TV! Or if you choose, you can even sneak in a ton of YouTube episodes from your office cubicle with the headphones on.

Bottom line, I hope this peaked your interest to go search for one of your unique interests and see if anyone has created a show or a vlog around it. There is a ton of high quality content just waiting to be watched by you; you just need to give YouTube a chance. Just be careful not to get caught down the wormhole of epic fail cat videos, you’ll never get out alive.