The Perfect Summer Mix Tape: Side A


1. “If Looks Could Kill” by Camera Obscura

Summer is the season of twee. People are riding their bikes, eating ice cream cones, playing in the sand, getting crushes on each other. It’s just all so precious. Play this song while riding your bike to a summer BBQ with someone you would like to date. Have the happy beat resonate in your eardrums and feel excited about nothing in particular. You’re just pumped on summer.

2. “Feel It All Around” by Washed Out

Play this song when you’ve just returned from a day at the beach. You’re getting out of your sandy clothes with the person you’ve been sleeping with. They’re naked, you’re naked, and you’re about to be naked together. The sunlight is peeking through your window and the song is making you feel stoned and horny. Get hypnotized by the lazy smooth beat and roll around in the sheets for a few hours. When you remerge out of your sex haze, it will be dark out and you’ll lose all concept of time temporarily. Play the song again.

3. “Sun Was High (So Was I)” by Best Coast

This song should be played on one of those dry slow summer days you decided to stay inside and work on a project or something. You’ve been on your bed with your back against the wall for quite some time. You decide to smoke some weed so you turn on this song and crack a window. You light a joint and exhale while watching all of the people outside walk by in their shorts and dresses. They’re being so productive while you’re sitting here getting stoned to some shoegaze song about weed. Question your priorities for a second, take another drag off your joint, and play the song again.

4. “Summertime” by DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince

This old school jam should be played while driving around aimlessly with your friends. The sun is causing you to squint in the front seat, the windows are rolled down, and you just feel really young and free. Yes, I know it sounds corny, but that’s music’s job—to spark a cliche familiar feeling inside of you. Besides, if you’re not being corny and sentimental in the summertime, you’re doing it wrong.

5. “Summer Love” by Justin Timberlake

Not only is this a great song to dance and get drunk to, it also totally encapsulates that feeling of falling in love with someone when the weather is warm and you’re struck by the seasonal fever. Summer love is deceptive because it almost feels like real love. But it’s not, my friends. It’s just not. Play this song at a rooftop fourth of July party and lock eyes with a babe in a tank top. Drink some of your margarita before you can get the balls to come up to them, and then walk over feeling summer sexy cool. By the end of the song, you’ll be asking yourself “this just can’t be summer love!” and making out with the person in broad daylight. The party host will be like, “Um, can you stop making out with someone next to the keg?” and you’ll be like, “um, no.”

6. “I Only Have Eyes For You” by The Flamingos

This song sort of sounds like it could be played in a movie about an abandoned insane asylum or something. The vocals are just so haunting and sad. But it can also be really romantic and beautiful! Play this song on a warm summer night in the park with the person you’re smooching. Bring a blanket and look at the stars. Yes, be that couple in the park who brought a blanket to look at the stars. The warm breeze will be like the third person in your threesome that night. It will serve as a natural aphrodisiac hitting your skin in all of the right places. This song will guide you through the night with all of its “shoo wap wap oh wap”‘s or whatever. It’ll be nice and sweet.

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image – Washed Out