The Power of Performance


Performance is a powerful thing. It evokes different emotional reactions in different people. Performance has the power to move, excite, shock, astound, anger, delight or captivate and audience; everyone leaves affected. These responses are instinctual, emotive and as unique as each and every individual watching.

These reactions generate an endless portrait of what it means to be human. Emotional reactions that communicate the breadth of human experience, that shape our understanding of art, of life. This is the power of the performing and creative arts.

At NIDA, we believe that this power is in you. The power to create, the freedom to play, turn your ideas into spectacles, to share your stories. NIDA will help you explore the power that writing, acting, movement, singing, filmmaking, directing, presenting and design can have to move an audience. Be a part of the place that has created and produced work impacts our culture, that helps us form an understanding of who we are.

At NIDA you can be part of this performance.

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