The Problem Is He’s Not You


Every morning I wake up to a text saying “Good morning Beautiful.”

Before every test I get a call just for him to say good luck.

I get random snapchats of him singing and dancing in his car just to make me smile.

He visits me at work to keep me company.

Handsome is an understatement when I describe him.

He actually takes me on dates and makes me feel wanted.

But, there is just one problem… HE’S NOT YOU.

I don’t get it, you think that once a perfect guy would come around I’d be happy.

Truth be told, it only makes me sad.

It makes me sad to think about letting go of the hope that one day you will love me back.

I don’t understand how I could love someone so much.

Someone who only thinks of me as his ‘best friend.’

Someone who only wants to hangout when it’s after 10 PM and I am drunk.

Someone who doesn’t know what he wants.

Someone who makes me cry myself to sleep at night.

You would think after years of loving someone who doesn’t love you back, you’d learn to let go.

You would think that you would learn to let go when a perfect guy comes around.

But no, after all the tears and pain, I still want you.

I have found the perfect guy, but there is just one problem… HE’S NOT YOU.