The Pros And Cons Of Living Alone


Pro: You can do the Tom Cruise Risky business across your floor in your undies without a care in the world.

Con: If you slip and fall, that’s all you.

Pro: Your leftovers stay exactly where you leave them, from cheesecake to steak and lobster.

Con: Your leftovers stay exactly where you leave them. There is no one there to clean out the fridge for you, and it sucks having to make constant trips to the dumpster with produce gone bad.

Pro: You come home to a quiet, peaceful house at the end of the day, perfect for you to unwind.

Con: There is no one there to share in your immediate excitement for things, like when someone new gets killed on Game of Thrones.

Pro: You only have to clean up the mess of one person.

Con: You’re only one person. Rent and bills ain’t cheap.

Pro: You can hosts guests at your leisure or attend other parties and leave whenever you want, without having to worry about any cleanup or lingering guests.

Con: You have to invite people over if you ever want to lift something heavy, hang stuff, or build a bed. Trust me on that last one, I’ve had an Ikea metal frame and headboard just hanging out in my living room for about 5 months now.

Pro: You can talk to yourself without worrying about looking weird.

Con: There’s no one to talk to. It’s one thing to think out loud, it’s a whole other thing to start engaging your cat in conversation cause you’re desperate.

Pro: You have no roommate altercations. None. It’s never awkward, you’re never pissed off and no one ever bugs you about any of your habits.

Con: Your life could use a little more drama. As a result, you get way too invested in television characters.

Pro: Complete and total privacy for romantic exploits in any room of the house.

Con: Complete and total terror when you think about what you, a single twenty-something, would ever do should an intruder break into your house.

Pro: You never have to wait to use the bathroom or be concerned about hot water usage. Hour-long boiling hot shower? Yes please!

Con: It is always your turn to clean the bathroom. Ugh.

Pro: You are an army of one. You can do it all–kill bugs, pay bills, unload all your groceries in a single trip! Because if you don’t, no one else will.

Con: You start to wonder if you’ll ever be able to incorporate another person into your flawlessly fine-tuned routine.

Think underwear-clad, leftover-eating nights for you? If so, go for it! Living alone may just be the best thing to ever happen to you.