The Real Reason Your Partner Loves You, Based On The Length You’ve Been Dating



Not to burst your bubble, but your partner is only crazy about you, because you’re attractive. They might fall head over heels in love with your personality in the future, but for now, they’re obsessed with how hot you look. And that’s not their fault. They haven’t had a chance to get to know you yet. They might be able to name your favorite books and cook your favorite meal, but they won’t really know you until they spend a larger chunk of time with you.


Your partner likes you, because you’re fun. You’re fun to flirt with, to go out on dates with, and to sleep with. They don’t know if they’re going to be with you for only a few more weeks or for the long haul, but they don’t really care. They’re just enjoying the moment. You make them smile, and for now, that’s more than enough. They don’t want to be weighed down with the stress of thinking about the future, because that would take them away from the present, and their present is pretty amazing.


When your partner looks at you, they see potential. They know that you two could create something special, and they’re excited about the possibility. They’re dating you, because they love having you over their house, and can imagine you moving in with them. They love buying groceries with you, and can imagine buying furniture with you. They love spending the now with you, and can imagine spending forever with you.


Your partner loves you, because you’re their best friend. You know everything about their past, from their psycho exes to their embarrassing childhood stories. You’ve been there during the best moments of their life and during those moments when they started crying uncontrollably. You’ve seen every single side of them, and they’re so thankful that they can be themselves around you. That they have someone who has seen their flaws and doesn’t love them any less because of them.


You’ve been through hell together, but you’ve survived. In fact, you’ve come out stronger. That’s what real love is all about. Sticking together, even when things get hard. Staying honest and loyal and loving, even when death and finances and flirts try to get in your way. Your partner loves you, because you’re the one person in the world they can count on. The one person in the world who has helped them see their worth.