The Reason Girls With Dark Pasts Keep Getting Their Hearts Broken


Girls with dark pasts keep getting their hearts broken because they have seen the worst sides of people. They know what horrible things humans are capable of doing to each other. How much pain they can inflict. How they can walk away after years together without looking back. How they can hurt the person they claimed to love more than anything.

The pain that they’ve experienced in the past has turned them into a pessimist. They expect the worst from everyone they meet. Even if someone seems nice at first, they know that there is something dark hidden within that person. They know that it’s only a matter of time until they see the truth. Until the red flags start popping up left and right.

Girls with dark pasts keep getting their hearts broken because they let their baggage get the best of them. They think that, just because someone hurt them in the past, the next person will hurt them too. They pull away from the ones who treat them right, because they are prepared for history to repeat itself. They assume that all people are the same. They assume that heartbreak will follow them wherever they go.

They are overly cautious. They avoid letting new people into their life, because they are worried about what will happen if they get too close. They don’t want to give anyone else the power to hurt them. They are so afraid of getting their heart broken by someone else that they don’t realize they are breaking their own heart.

Girls with dark pasts keep getting their hearts broken because they aren’t really sure what love looks like. Even though they’ve seen movies where couples kiss through rain drops and live happily ever after, in reality, they have only experienced fights and fuckboys. Cheaters and narcissists. They have seen love at its worst.

Their past has given them a twisted view on relationships. They have never seen the way a healthy one woks. They have never gotten the chance to experience love the way it was meant to be experienced.

Girls with dark pasts keep getting their hearts broken because they feel like something is wrong with them. They feel like they are too broken for a boyfriend. They feel like they are going to screw up every good thing that ever happens to them. But they have it all wrong. They were strong enough to get through the pain of their past, which means that they are strong enough to get through anything.

And strong girls are the sexiest girls. They are the girls who, deep down, know what they deserve. The girls who are unwilling to settle. The girls who will wake up one day and end up happier than anyone else.

Right now, they might think that they are too screwed up to find love, but it won’t be long until they realize they are worthy of finding it. And when they do, they are going to make the greatest girlfriends.