The Reminder You Need When You Feel Like Giving Up


You can always try again. Life is so long so you can try again and again, to do what? Well, whatever you want.

You can try to let go once again, you can try to hold on again, you can try to live again, you can try speaking from your heart once again, you can…just start again. One race ends, another begins, a new prize to win, maybe a more meaningful one?

Try to win again. At being yourself, at being someone better, someone stronger, someone kinder, someone more like you, try to be yourself again, a newer version. Try to cut toxic people off once again, try to look for people that make your life a garden filled with spring flowers once again, people that make you want to get up early so you can see them, try to…just start, getting to know who you are and who you want to be.

Give yourself another try. You owe that to yourself. Try to believe in yourself. Try to live, see the world, yourself, and the people in your life from a different point of view, try to change your direction if you don’t like the destination you’re heading towards,

try listening to your gut once again, try to trust yourself again, try to heal again, try to smile again, try to cry again, with your heart,

let yourself grieve, let yourself be, let yourself breathe. Just try, alright? If not for anyone, but yourself.