The Return Of ‘BH90210’


The gang. The Peach Pit. The Nostalgia.

It’s 2019 and BH90210 is back on the air. And its return is entertaining, interesting, and timely.

I was able to catch the show’s premiere on Fox and while it deviated from the original series, Beverly Hills, 90210, in different ways, as the shows original characters (Brandon, Brenda, David, Kelly, Donna, Andrea, Steve, and Dylan) were shown, episode one shows the actors and actresses playing mockumentary-like versions of their real selves as their original characters.

At first, I was worried about keeping up with this particular storyline, but as I continued watching, I found it funny, heartwarming, and enjoyable.

As a millennial fan (I was born the same year the show premiered and fondly remember my mother watching the show when I was little) who loved and enjoyed the original series when it came on in reruns, I was both intrigued and amazed at the lives of this particular gang of Beverly Hills teenagers who led fabulous lives and also endured some highs and lows together with all the makings of a 90s teen-soap with everything from first loves, challenging friendships, drug addiction, teen pregnancy, getting into college, enjoying beach life and more.

I thought their characters were some of the coolest teenagers that ever graced my television screen.

And who could forget how dreamy Jason Priestley was as Brandon Walsh and the late and great Luke Perry as Dylan McKay? Swoon.

The recent premiere of BH90210 is a delightful treat to take in as the summer is winding down and it’s also a great opportunity for old fans and new ones to reflect and remember what a cultural phenomenon the show was and is. There are still more episodes to come and I’m excited to see how things evolve.

It’s definitely worth checking out, whether you’ve seen the original series or not. And if you haven’t seen the original series, it’s not too late to catch up.

It’s bingeworthy television for sure.