The Right People Won’t Belittle Your Depression


From someone who’s battled depressive bouts in the past, I can tell you that depression is powerful. Sometimes there aren’t any warning signs for when depression will hit. It can just pop up at the most inopportune times. And all the progress that you’ve wanted to make or have already made suddenly just stalls. What can make depression infinitely worse is when you are around people who refuse to understand you or just straight up don’t value you.

There are going to be people who see you depressed and think that you should just shake it off because we are all going through something. There are going to be people who think that you are exaggerating. There are going to be people who see that you’re depressed and won’t reach out to you, whether that’s due to their own fears or not wanting to invest in you during a tough moment. There are going to be people who will be reminded that they have their own issues they have to face and will project their inner turmoil on you because you are strong enough to acknowledge your problems. There are people who just won’t believe that you’re really depressed, and that hurts. But not everyone is like that.

There are people who will listen to you and empathize with you when you are feeling depressed. Some people are uncomfortable dealing with depression publicly to those they built a relationship with. The right people will hear you out and reach out to you when they know or sense that you aren’t feeling like yourself. Honestly, people who think you’re exaggerating your depression are in the minority. Talking about your problems shouldn’t be such a hassle to others. It’s a part of the territory when they invite you into their lives. You have to deal with each other’s problems. That’s a part of the reciprocity.

You’re doing yourself a great disservice if you believe people don’t want to hear about your struggle with depression. Don’t allow one person or group of people to make you believe that you shouldn’t bring up your personal struggles with anyone. There is so much value in people who are openly willing to hear your personal struggles. That will make you feel valuable too. When you can freely open up about depression without feeling guilty, that’s when you know you’re in the right place and around the right people. No one would want to live in a world where they have to shelter their feelings just so it can rot inside them.

There are people out there who would love to be around you. Your depression will not be a burden to them. They won’t devalue you if you are depressed or if there are days where you’re just not feeling like yourself. No matter the severity level of your depression, know that you are much more than that. The right people will see that, and being around those people will be the best medicine you could’ve asked for.