The Sad Truth About Soft-Hearted Girls Who Try To Save Everyone


To have desires that go beyond one’s self is of the most beautiful qualities a person can possess, but with it comes a heaviness that presents itself so subtly over time, it is hardly recognizable — until it is.

Empathetic, compassionate people go about life collecting the heaviest parts of people: their grief, their heartache, their secrets, and fears.

Carrying the heaviest parts of people builds up a strength over time that allows a person to heal others, to inspire them, and ultimately change the world.

But even a person who has the strength to carry the heaviest things in this world can not carry them all.

There is a certain kind of sadness that manifests itself in the hearts of those who strive to make this world a better place. It is a sadness that comes with realizing they can’t save everyone no matter how hard they try.

Hurt people tend to present themselves in two ways. Some are like flies, attracted to the light that shines from a person with good intentions. They seek the comfort of positivity and love and will welcome those who offer it into their lives.

Others are more like earthworms, so afraid of the light that they dig themselves into a hole so deep, light can not penetrate no matter how bright it shines. They are afraid of love. They do not believe in good intentions, only selfish ones.

When you are the light, you certainly welcome the flies, but you fight for the earthworms. You fight to shed even the smallest ray of light into their dark tunnels.

You do not consider that some people choose to stay hidden. You do not consider that a person can only feel loved if they themselves accept it. You do not consider that you can not help somebody who does not want to be helped.

It is a hardly fathomable concept to a person who finds their sole purpose in relieving others of their suffering. When their light is rejected, they only feel the need to shine brighter.

It is interesting how a person can handle so much heartache, so much grief, so much fear, but crumble at the thought of rejection.

These are the people that go through life ignoring all of the bad and emphasizing the good. These are the people that forgive no matter how many times they are let down.

No matter how many times they get burned, they’ll still believe the fire wasn’t set on purpose. They’ll get beaten and bruised, but get right back up to make sure everybody else around them is okay.

It takes a lot of time to come to the realization that it does not matter how much love you give, a person does not have to accept it. Not everybody in trouble wants to be helped.

It is this realization that causes the weight of everything they’ve ever held to finally be felt; it crushes them. It is the certain kind of sadness that comes with realizing you can give people light, but you can not make them see.

Still, they’ll go on, suffering from the purity of their hearts. They are the true warriors of this world. They are the difference makers. They are the people that make this world a better place by simply being who they are.

Most people can hardly handle the reality of their own sadness, or see past their own selfish desires. Most people stay out of everyone’s business.

But there are those people who find their way into your life so gracefully, looking like any other normal human being, but feeling like heaven; if you let them, they might make you feel like heaven too.

You’d never guess the suffering of a soul that has relieved yours.