The Secret Ingredient That Makes You God’s Gift To Women


Some men seem to be absolute naturals with the opposite sex. They make it look effortless and it’s easy to be envious. Ask them how they do it and they’ll likely give a swift reply.

“Just chat with them.”
“Just be confident.”
“Just be yourself.”

They’re not holding back what actually works. They really do think it’s that simple, because for them it is. Not many of them will use the word that best describes the ingredient that makes them God’s gift to women though. That word is ENTITLEMENT.

Entitlement means believing you deserve something. When a man feels entitled to a woman, he’s relaxed. He’s normal. He’s not worried about impressing her. He’s comfortable going for a kiss or trying to get even more physical. It’s the secret ingredient that works wonders with women.

It sounds so simple, but a beautiful princess will instantly sense when you feel entitled to her. This is because most men don’t act normal around her. They have to do something extraordinary. They have to keep her entertained. Because they don’t feel that being themselves is enough…

Seriously, all you have to do is act normal! Don’t change your behavior for the babe! That’s it! It’s not as easy it sounds though, and here’s a quick test that proves it. Approach a Plain Jane with a hilariously embarrassing pick-up line. You’ll be able to own that phrase, get her giggling and carry on the conversation. Now try that same line with an absolute babe. You’ll feel that mental block. That’s the lack of entitlement. If you get the words out at all, it will come across weird and incongruent. Yet, a guy with entitlement could easily get by with that same line. It’s all in the vibe.

So how to gain this secret ingredient? There are three main steps.

1. Take massive action.

Approach the girls that intimidate you and try to act how you would around the Plain Janes. Brainwash yourself into believing you deserve the hotties and eventually they’ll believe it too. (Alcohol is a useful aid here). It’s hard to feel entitled to something you’ve never even tried to get, so get used to asking these hot girls out.

2. Ask yourself why you don’t feel entitled to certain girls.

Create a vision of the man who does deserve these girls and strive to become that person. What values does this man have? What attributes does his personality contain? What are his goals? It could be a long journey, but if you feel you’re at least on the right path, it can work wonders for your self-worth.

3. Discover a purpose to your life that runs deeper than getting dates.

Create career goals. Pursue passions. Give something back to society. Suddenly, taking up a fine lady’s time and space should seem less of a big deal. After all, what worth has a beautiful stranger to a man who is working toward a much deeper purpose? Men who are already walking this road realize there’s more to life than hot chicks. This makes them feel more entitled to hot chicks, which ironically helps them score more hot chicks than ever before.

So what are you waiting for? Confront your flaws. Improve yourself. Find a purpose more important than pulling. Grow in your entitlement, and before you know it, you’ll be the ‘natural’ making others envious.