The Simplest Way To Find Love


Are you ready to read the simplest advice for finding love? The little piece of guidance that many people actively seek in hope to find a guideline of how to hook, line and sinker another to grow old with? Here it is:

Stop looking.

So many people, both male and female, are in a constant search for that one special person. We are surrounded by those of us who would give anything to be engaged by now and those of us who completely swear it off until we reach a socially-acceptable age that seems to be getting older and older with every new generation. Neither opinion is in the wrong because it’s just that, a personal opinion (and no one is saying to agree with a view different from your own, but it’s necessary to respect it. That is the beauty of free-thinking human intellectuality).

It’s not bad to be on a look out for love, but letting that search to completely eat you up and consume your thoughts won’t help it come any sooner. You meet a person and you start thinking, “Hey, maybe this one is the game changer” — only to find that they never call back or it fizzles out, leaving you questioning your self-worth. As soon as you start thinking, “What am I doing wrong?” you’re doomed; the second you start thinking, “What does that other person have that I don’t?” Stick a fork in ya.

I’ve done it, you’ve done it, everyone has done it in one way or another. We’ve either been the person who’s left in a cloud of once hopeful dust or we’ve been the best friend armed with a pint of gelato and a mind full of consoling words for the victim. People say good things come to those who wait, and I completely agree with that, but I also say great things come to those who aren’t desperately searching for it.

Life doesn’t pause when you don’t have a love to call your own. We grow, we evolve. From the minute you enter college — a place to explore, dream, live, break yourself only to rebuild yourself, and surround yourself with inspiring people you call your best friends — through your 20s and 30s and beyond, we have plenty of time and experiences to draw from. Why spend those precious years focusing on a person you may not have even met yet but have a whole lifetime to spend with? And if you are one of the lucky ones who have both the love of your life and your college experience hand-in-hand, consider yourself blessed and hang onto it.

But for those who may not have been swept off your feet yet, love will come to you when it’s ready. It will come in a flash of serendipity — fate, if you will — and knock you off your feet. It’s when you’re not expecting it when it’ll hit the hardest — and isn’t that what makes life so tragically wonderful?

Stop looking for love and it will find you. Until then, trust that the universe knows what it’s doing and focus on making yourself better for when love does come knocking at your door or bumping into you around the corner of a coffee shop. It will come and trust me, when it does? It will be well worth the wait.