The Spiritual Reason It’s Important To Make Sure 1/11 Is One Of The Most Positive Days Of Your Year


The beautiful thing about life is we can start every day new. Isn’t that refreshing?

As I woke up, I realized it was a very special day: 1/11! I’ve been reading a lot about the ways angels connect with us, which is commonly through music, nature, and numbers. Angel numbers are commonly seen on the clock, on receipts, in dates, road numbers, or addresses; have you noticed these patterns in your own life? I’ve also noticed many parallels and synchronicities within numbers- when I am in doubt about something, a number can often remind me I’m on the right track.

When we notice any sequence of the number 1, Doreen Virtue reminds us to “Keep your thoughts positive, because your thoughts are manifesting instantly into form. Focus only upon your desires and not upon your fears.”

2018 is a year of rebuilding and manifestation. As the old falls away, we make room for the amazing surprises and gifts the universe sends our way. The tricky part is, how do we keep the faith while we wait for our dreams to manifest?

1/11 is a perfect reminder to rest assured; everything is happening in divine order. We may not know what the end result will be today, but if we keep our thoughts positive and focus on what we do want, not the things we don’t, we’ll see how our thoughts and actions create our outer reality.

Self-care and compassion is another theme for 2018. We can easily  lower our vibrationwithout realizing it when we beat ourselves up over mistakes, forget to take time out of the day to meditate, focus on the past, or worry about the future. I’ve been in my own little bubble of worries this past week; as my intuition guides me to take steps toward my goals, I have been consumed with wondering what the result will be. This isn’t helpful to anyone! Forgiving yourself for the past, showing yourself compassion, and remembering to think positively is a daily practice that takes work, but is extremely beneficial to your overall happiness and well being.

When you notice the number 1 in any order, stop and pay attention to your thoughts. Are you embodying light and love, or are you feeling nervous and negative? Are you focusing on your goals, or are you fearful of the future? Today is the perfect day to journal, set intentions, and focus on what your heart is telling you. If your gut tells you a situation is or isn’t right, listen. Your intuition is a messenger from your higher self to let you know what choice you need to make.