The Strongest Girls Are The Ones Who Aren’t Afraid To Love


She’s never been afraid to show who she really is, and that includes loving people with everything they have. Her entire life, she’s fought for others. To be loved and to love. She puts herself out there, even when there’s no guarantee. Even when there’s a chance she could walk away hurt.

She is one of the strongest girls you’ll ever meet. But you wouldn’t know that at first glance.

The strongest girls don’t put up walls. Instead, they wear their hearts on their sleeves. They’re givers. 

Their softness is a sign of true strength. It takes a lot to trust in this world. It requires courage and thick skin. Not everyone is brave enough to be vulnerable. Not everyone tries again and again. But she does. Her optimism shines through. Her kindness can melt even the hardest layer of ice.

The strongest girls care deeply about others, but they don’t solely rely on other people’s opinions. They listen to their gut and their hearts, and even if it doesn’t make sense to others, they always go for what they want. They don’t play games. They don’t care if they text back too quickly or seem too eager.

It would be easier for them to hide. Hide from their feelings. Hide from others.

But that’s not who they are. They’re not meant to hide from anything.

The strongest girls get back on that metaphorical horse. They brush themselves off and stand up. They are built to love, even when it feels intimidating.

The strongest girls aren’t afraid to love, and to give it 110%. And if you’re lucky enough to meet a girl like that, don’t mess it up. Because you’ll never meet someone that strong, that resilient again.