The Strongest Girls Care Too Much


The strongest girls are the ones who are unafraid of caring. The ones who will express their feelings without hesitation. The ones who realize it is okay to show vulnerability. The ones who continue to wear their hearts on their sleeves even though it has hurt them in the past.

The strongest girls misvalue themselves because they wish they cared less. They wish they didn’t give a fuck. They wish they could turn their emotions off like a switch. A part of them hates themselves for how much they care.

However, the truth they are unable to see is that the strongest girls care deeply — but they care about the right things. They don’t care about their reputation, about how much money they make or which labels are on the clothing they buy.

They care about whether their friends are doing okay. They care about how much time they get to spend with their family. They care about whether they are advancing with their career. They care about their passions, about their hopes, about their accomplishments. They care about creating a life that fulfills them.

The strongest girls are the ones who still care about that toxic person who left their life a long time ago. They would never allow that person back into their life because they have high standards — but at the same time they hope that person is doing okay. They wish that person the best even if that person was the absolute worst.

The strongest girls come across as pushovers — but that is not the case at all. They have a temper they could unleash at any time, but they choose kindness. They choose to see the best in others. They choose to look at the world as a beautiful place instead of dwelling on the horrors hidden inside, which takes work.

The strongest girls are selfless. Sure, they consider themselves a priority because self-care is important, but they also care about the world as a whole. They care about the well-being of others. They would rather spread happiness than hog it for themselves.

The strongest girls are the ones who care too much. The ones who leave their hearts open even though it’s risky. Who are in love with the idea of love even though they have been bruised before. These girls send double texts because they are worried about you. They like your selfies to make you feel empowered. They overthink every word that leaves their lips because they would never want to hurt your feelings.

The strongest girls are the ones who are unafraid of living their truth, because they would rather be honest than tell a little white lie. They would rather admit how they are feeling than bottle up the pain until they explode. They would rather send too many texts and ask too many questions than send mixed signals that leave the other person feeling unworthy.

The strongest girls care too much — but that is a good thing. That is proof of their soft heart.