The Strongest Girls Have Been Through SO MUCH Bullshit


She’s lost friends that promised they’d stick around forever. Friends that once swore they would buy a house next door to her so that they could raise their future children together.

She’s lost family members to drugs, to marriages, to falling outs. Once upon a time, they were coming over for every birthday and holiday — and then they were gone. Just like that. Living their life without her. Acting as if family didn’t matter.

And she’s lost boys. So many boys. She’s been through harsh breakups that shook her core. She’s screamed into her pillow and spent days crying over boys that didn’t deserve her tears. Boys that didn’t feel guilty about hurting her at all.

She’s gotten used to the fact that people don’t always stay. That most of the time people leave — maybe because of an argument, maybe because they changed, maybe because they just got older and these things happen.

She knows what it’s like to have something important ripped away from her. People. Places. Pets.

She’s had dogs and fish and hamsters that have died. She’s had houses that she’s had to say goodbye to when she moved.

She realizes that most things in life are temporary. That forever sounds good in theory, but is a hard concept to reach.

She’s strong, because she still goes out on dates, even though her heart has been shattered before. Because she still likes to make new friends, even though the old ones have abandoned her. Because she still dreams of having a family in the future, even though her current family has fallen apart.

She’s strong, because she doesn’t let the fact that people leave get her down. She accepts that it’s a part of life.

She hasn’t let all of her losses turn her into a pessimist. She’s been able to put herself back together after breaking apart again and again and again. She’s never let her disappointments overshadow her happiness.

Every time she texts a boy or goes out for drinks with a friend, she knows there’s a risk that it will be the last time, that they’ll be out of her life as quickly as they entered it. That’s why she tries her hardest to enjoy the moment. She tries to make the most out of her time with her loved ones while she has it.

Whenever someone leaves her life, she gives herself time to cry. To scream. To question. But then she moves on. She keeps going, because she won’t let her baggage anchor her in place.

She knows that the only person she needs is herself. That she can handle anything on her own.

She’s as strong as they come, so she won’t let one more loss ruin her life.