The Strongest Girls Think They Are Behind In Life


The strongest girls are the ones who always feel like they should be doing more. Even if they spent the entire week running from here to there, never getting a moment of rest, they still feel like they could have been more productive. They push themselves to the brink of exhaustion. They never stop. They go go go. 

The strongest girls are the ones who give themselves a hard time when they take a single second of rest. They feel like they can never take a break. They feel like they are being lazy if they aren’t pushing themselves to their limit.

The strongest girls are the ones who stretch themselves until they snap. They work their ass off during their nine to five. Even when their work hours are over, they are not really done working. They are always thinking about how to take another step up the career ladder. Their bodies might be relaxing in bed, but their brains never shut off.

The strongest girls are the ones who are not satisfied with living an average life. They want more than that. They want to find happiness. They want to feel fulfilled. They want to know that their life has a purpose, that they are not wasting their time on this planet.

The strongest girls are the ones who feel like they should be making more money. Living in a bigger house. Driving a fancier car. They always find something to criticize themselves about because no matter how much they accomplish, it is never good enough for them. They can never satiate their thirst.

The strongest girls are the ones who look around and think of all the ways they want their world to change. They are never pleased with what they have because they see their own potential. They know they can do better. They never let themselves grow too comfortable, because they don’t want to settle for less than they deserve.

The strongest girls are the ones who are hard on themselves, even though they are putting in the maximum amount of effort every damn day. The ones who have a difficult time resting, even though they have been working nonstop for months now. The ones who never stop moving, even though everyone around them can see they deserve a vacation.

The strongest girls are the ones who have a million dreams, big dreams, dreams that some people consider unachievable. Even though there is a chance that they are going to fail, that they are going to disappoint everyone including themselves, they never lose their motivation. They believe in themselves, even when the rest of the world has been doubting them. They are willing to chase their passion wherever it takes them.

The strongest girls are the ones who think they are behind in life, but are actually ahead. The ones who don’t realize how much they have already accomplished this early in life. The ones who push themselves hard, because they won’t settle for anything less than the best.