The Superstitious Reason You Should Always Keep Champagne In Your Fridge


For years I’ve been telling my friends about a superstitious theory I heard in passing that says you should always keep a bottle of champagne in your fridge in order to “invite” good things to happen to you. The friends who have adopted it, swear by it.

It’s a fun little tradition and I especially like to buy a nice bottle when I’m working on a big project and anticipating news of its success — every time I open the fridge I glance at the bottle and picture the moment I will hear the good news and pull it out to celebrate. If you’re curious about how it works, I made a quick video that explains the idea behind it:

I love the way doing this structures my time between “celebrating” and “waiting to celebrate”. It makes working hard on something not seem so frustrating or exhausting in the day to day because I keep being reminded of what I’m working toward. It’s a constant reminder that something good is on its way.