The Surprising Way To Make Your Man Happy


How to make your husband happy?

The same way you make your dog happy. Yes there are many common traits between us, men, and dogs.

So, here is how to make a dog happy:

1. Communicate with your dog and develop a relationship:

Dogs are social creatures and they need to interact with their owner.  Spending quality time together will help you get to know your dog and understand its particular needs.It will make you also recognize any signs of bad behavior early. Same with your guy spend quality time with him. Spending quality time discussing your life’s challenges and your feelings, fears and needs, will nurture a solid relationship which will lead to a happy husband.

2. Verbal & Physical Praise:

Petting and praising your dog even for a few minutes will make him feel good. They don’t need to do something great to pet them. While petting them say, good girl, or good boy. That will make them wag their tail in joy.
A man also loves to be praised. It’s a boost to their ego. Holding his hand for a few minutes and giving him a cuddle will work wonders. It’s proven that people who get lots of hugs and warm contact at home tend to have the highest levels of oxytocin (feel good hormone.)

3. Try New Treats

Most dogs have a few different favorite treats that can be used on rotation. Trying new treats to add to the mix is great too. Your dog will certainly love guessing which snack is coming next and you’ll get to find out their favorite flavors and textures.

Men love adventures and surprises– in case you wonder why men watch action movies. It’s good to be consistent but not boring. Tell him every month there is a surprise for you. It could be anything from a candle-lit dinner or tickets to a football game. Keep him guessing your next surprise all year around.

4. Keep him busy

Don’t let your dog get bored. Take him for a daily walk. If you don’t he may become destructive. It will dig the garden or attempt to escape. It will show its disapproval by barking day and night and annoy you and your neighbors.

Exactly like the man version, you need to keep him busy mentally, physically and emotionally. Encourage him to exercise and engage in outdoor activities with you, the kids or friends. Don’t let him sit in the house doing nothing. That’s a recipe for disaster.

5. Be consistent

The worst thing you can do to your dog be inconsistent. Dogs that are punished for things they don’t understand or rewarded randomly without a reason are always unhappy and confused. Once you set a routine for your dog never change it.

Same with your hubby, if he was used to coming home every night to a delicious hot meal and then suddenly you changed the routine to ordering pizza or KFC instead, if you were used to going to the movies together every Friday night and then you suddenly decided to sleep early for whatever reason, or maybe instead of making love once a week you decided to make it once in a blue moon without explanation, this will send mixed messages to your man and make him unhappy.

If your husband is not happy, that means you may have an untrained husband.

For men who felt offended by my analogy, you’ll thank me later.