The Telltale Differences Between Love And Infatuation


If I could teach everyone one thing it would be how to distinguish love from infatuation.

I spent my high school years finding “love” and breaking its heart. I invested so much time trying to find someone and thinking I loved them to only now realize that I never loved any of them!

Please note that love and infatuation are different.

You can’t love someone and not be infatuated with them, but you can be infatuated with them and not love them. It’s the act of telling one from the other.

I wasted so much time throwing the word love around that I was too obnoxious to see that what I was feeling was the adrenaline of having a boyfriend. It took having a serious three-year relationship with someone I see myself marrying and having a family with to realize that everyone before him wasn’t the real deal. It was imitation. I liked them, yes, did I have some good times with them, of course, but never did I love anyone before Him.

The idea of love is complicated and messy and confusing, a labyrinth in its own and it takes truly connecting your soul to another and feeling what that really is like to distinguish what was love and what wasn’t.

It’s crazy to say but you’ll know true, real, raw love when you find it. It’ll feel different from anything you’ve ever felt. It’s more than just butterflies and admiration, it’s deeper than that. It’s spiritual and all-consuming. It’s what I imagine waking up to a beautiful view of the beach feels like or falling into your bed after a long day times ten.

It’s this powerful, suffocating feeling of home and security and it’s nothing less than absolutely beautiful.

You either fall in love or you fall for the idea of it.