The Telltale Signs You’re Dating An Immature Boy And Not A Real Man


So how can you tell if you are dating a boy or a man?

A boy is impatient. He wants to see you right now and he’ll be irritated if he doesn’t get his way.

A man can wait with no problem. He has his own life so it doesn’t bother him when you tell him that you aren’t available until next weekend.

A boy is dependent on others to get by in life. He might not act like it, but everything is still in his mom’s name.

A man has his shit together. He has a job and pays for his own roof, car, and other expenses.

A boy wants a girlfriend. He’ll take whatever girl he finds cute and nice that will give him the time of day.

A man wants a partner. He knows the difference between a relationship and a partnership. He wants to be there for a woman he truly cares for, even through the difficult times.

A boy doesn’t make plans. He wants to see you spontaneously, but then acts weird when you try to plan something for the weekend.

A man is able and willing to think ahead and make a commitment to people who matter to him.

A boy goes on the rebound. He breaks up with someone and then in no time flat it looks like he’s “moved on” to someone else.

A man gives himself the time and space needed to get over his last relationship.

A boy insults other men. He’ll be the one calling someone a white knight, cuck, beta bitch boy, etc.

A man would rather build other men up, not tear them down.

A boy can get the girl. He knows how to hook her with his initial charm and sweetness.

A man knows how to hold a woman’s attention. He continues to be the same great guy he was in the beginning and truly has what it takes to keep a high value woman around.

A boy goes for looks. It doesn’t matter to him what kind of person a girl is as long as she’s cute.

A man knows the value of a woman is about much more than her appearance.

A boy will flirt with lots of different girls. He loves the attention when they flirt back.

A man has eyes on one woman: his woman.

A boy will avoid having uncomfortable conversations. He’ll say there’s nothing wrong but his actions will tell a different story.

A man will face these issues head on. He might not always enjoy it, but he understands the importance of communication.

A boy thinks men should be dominant in their relationships with women. He wants to be the one that “wears the pants.”

A man would rather have a more balanced relationship. He understands how to respect and treat women properly.

A boy talks about that “crazy ex” or how she’s the one who screwed him over.

A man doesn’t go into detail about his past girlfriends, and if he does, he can admit his role in why things didn’t work out.

Last but not least, a boy would read this and defensively wonder why there is no article on girls and women.

A man would do his research and learn that there already is one.