The Texts This Girl Got From A Guy’s GF Because She Said ‘Hello’ To Her Man Are Really Disturbing


When someone calls their exes crazy, I usually see it as more of a reflection of the person than the ex, because a lot of times it’s just them projecting their feelings on them and looking for something to blame other than themselves. But, you know, sometimes people really are just crazy — like this girlfriend who doesn’t seem to get the concept that other people don’t control her boyfriend.

Twitter user @dayjhaaboo tweeted about the weird conversation she had with one of her old classmates’s girlfriends, and yeah, some people are just crazy, period.

It all started after she ran into the couple in public. Later that day, she got a strange text from a number she didn’t recognize.

Um, okay?

Seriously, wtf? Are you really going to hold some stranger you’ve never met before accountable for things your boyfriend does? That’s a little ridiculous.

Okay, come on, are you really calling out some other woman because YOUR boyfriend looked at HER wrong?

Yep, crazy.

Come on ladies, how about some solidarity? It’s not your faults that the boyfriend is probably trash. Because obviously the boyfriend is kind of trash. Can’t we just be civil about it?

But hey, we gotta admit that we like the drama.

Also, side note, but how the hell does Dayjha have 212 unread texts? I’m getting anxiety from just looking at that.

Sorry, Sydney, I think Dayjha’s doing just fine without your man.