The Three Stages Of Writer’s Block


1. The night before: This is a great idea. Why would I even take notes? This will be just as clear-cut when I get to it. I have a desk now and everything.

2. The next mid-morning, writing time:

  • This quote at the beginning is a great jumping off point. I can always just delete it later. The rest will fall into place.
  • Wooo! Here we go.
  • I should check Twitter.
  • I guess Facebook too.
  • Well, I get my iMessages on my computer now, but what about those three people who text me from Androids?
  • Okay. Nothing. I’ll put my phone in the other room. It’ll be so rewarding when I check it after I finish this.
  • Maybe I’ll have some water.
  • I should eat something too.
  • Well, if I’m eating I should catch up on The Daily Show.
  • Fuck it. Colbert too.
  • Maybe if I start working on something else, I’ll distract myself into inspiration for this.
  • Yeah, just gotta warm-up with something unrelated. Get in the flow. Get. In. The. Zone.
  • Any emails?
  • Oh, I should delete those Social and Promotional ones. Can’t have a cluttered Inbox!
  • I took notes on this, right? I must’ve.
  • That was definitely my phone vibrating on the coffee table. It might be important.
  • Well, I should at least text back…
  • Oh, the new episode of Serial is up!
  • Maybe I just need to lie down.

3. Post-fitful nap: Maybe I should use a different quote to play off of…

image – girl/afraid