The Three Tarot Cards You Absolutely Want In Your New Year’s Reading


With the end of 2017 upon us, it is time to start looking towards the future and our goals. What better way to do that then with a tarot card reading?

My personal favourite spread is a simplified version of the Celtic Cross that uses the 10 cards in a different manner, but still speaks to the same type of complex questions. With the way this year turned out, complex questions are running through everyone’s minds.

Here are three cards that you want to see in your New Year’s reading if you are hoping for bigger and better things in 2018.

The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man can be frightening – he is walking toward his death willingly. But this should inspire you: you know change is necessary and you are taking the steps that you need to be able to truly fulfill your destiny. When this card appears in your reading, you need to look inside yourself for the answers you are seeking and, with your head held high, walk towards your new life. The Hanged Man is telling you that you are making the right choice.

Ace of Wands

With the start of the New Year, you want permission to start that new project that you are putting off because of fear: the Ace of Wands will give you that. Brimming with promise of a fresh start and the ability to actually start, when this card appears in your reading it is telling you to set aside your fears and anxiety and take a leap of faith in yourself. No matter what your the project in your heart is, it is important to start.

Ten of Coins

The coins suit is all about material wealth and goods, so you should be thrilled if the Ten of Coins appears in your reading. This card signifies excessive wealth: you have stability, wealth, and prosperity in the future. But the Ten of Coins wants you to go beyond that: keep what you need, but don’t forget about the people just starting on their journey.