The Three Words That Haunt Me


There are three words that haunt me like the sound of a scream in the night echoing off of whatever it can find

They cling to life when they are told to let go

Those three words fell so easily out of your mouth and were quickly packaged and shipped to your house where we slowly built a life
I didn’t know your house was full of lies

Those words still cling to life with every ounce of strength

Staring at the ceiling for floating thoughts  and the truth as it eludes my intentions
Three more words arise in quicker fashion
Shot down, a close call

Set our dialogue ablaze, tend the fire and hope it grows
Feelings freely roam the minds of victims who heard those fateful three words

Good luck to all who hear them
But luck won’t stop your hearing or your heart from slowly tearing

You try to put pieces in a familiar configuration
Love, you need more than tape and glue

Try drywall or cement and a couple railroad spikes or a new heart if you can find one
Did you find one?
I hope you didn’t so I’m always reminded of how I got here

Because my “here” and your “here” are not the same place
Although they should be
But should you be so inclined to wonder where my “here” is or who I’m sharing it with

Those three words were as harmless as a heat-seeking missile
I like missiles more than your words
Your words dig deep and slowly extract life
Missiles care more
They end things quickly

While pieces are left small enough to barely hold giving a new sense of false hope
Put down my pieces
They are not for you
They never were

My pieces belong to the three words