The Top 10 Reasons You Should Marry An Extrovert


I’m an extrovert. I often try to deny it but it’s true. I like parties and people and making new friends. That’s how I get my energy. My husband? Much the opposite. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a funny guy and enjoys the occasional party or happy hour, but overall, he’s not the life of the party. That role is left up to yours truly.

Some might think that being married to an extrovert isn’t that great, but I disagree. Marriage to an extrovert affords many benefits you might not realize (or so I tell my husband). But it really is true. Don’t believe me? I’ll prove it to you. Here’s 10 reasons extroverts make the best wives. (And check out our counterpart: 10 reasons introverts make the best wives.)

1. You have friends wherever you go. 

Seriously. The grocery store clerk is coming to your birthday party.

2. The focus isn’t on you.  

It’s on your beloved wife, who is telling an animated story and making your Grandma pee from laughing so hard.

3. You will save money on entertainment.  

You won’t need that Netflix subscription when you live with walking, talking entertainment. 

4. You always do fun stuff.  

Your extrovert spouse wants to go and do and see, which means you get to come along. But don’t worry, white water rafting comes with a life vest and skydiving is way more safe than it used to be.

5. You will never get stuck in a boring conversation again. 

Your spouse will swoop in and save you with some sort of song and dance. But beware: It could be show tunes.

6. You’ll have abs of steel from laughing so much.  

Forget the ab roller and P90X. Just hang out with your wife and friends for a night. Those abs practically rip themselves.

7. You don’t have to talk about your feelings.  

An extroverted wife doesn’t have time to delve into the reasons why you don’t pick up your socks or why you’re feeling sad about something. She’s got parties to plan. You’re off the hook. 

8. You will “have a guy” for everything.


Since your wife knows everyone, her circle of friends is practically endless. Need a plumber? No worries because her hairdresser’s sister’s aunt knows someone who will give you a family discount. And you’ll never have to worry if that mechanic is taking you to the cleaners because her mailman’s brother will see to it that he doesn’t.

Heck, you won’t have to worry if the cleaner is taking you to the cleaners. With her connections, people will be dying to give you a great deal because she knows everyone. Or she knows someone who does. 

9. You get free drinks. 

Everyone wants to buy the jester a round at the bar to repay her for the laughs. Your wife’s charisma spells savings. CHA-CHING.

10. You get your alone time.  

There’s no worry being married to an extrovert that you won’t have time to yourself. Quite the opposite. Chances are good your wife will have her dance card filled most nights, and it doesn’t always include you. Your extrovert loves her girl time, which leaves you with plenty of time home alone to play video games and smack talk those other players (who are probably 12 year-olds). 

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This post originally appeared at YourTango.