The Top 5 Things Men Say They Want From Their ‘Perfect Girlfriend’


Firstly, stop worrying about being perfect! Perfection is impossible. But, what you can do is put your best foot forward and become the best possible girlfriend to your partner by following these 5 helpful hints.

Based on a recent survey conducted by dating site EliteSingles, these are the five main things singles hoped their future partner would do.

1. I want her to share her concerns with me.

If you are worrying over something, be it in your relationship or in other aspects of your life, it is important not to hide your concerns from your partner. Talk openly about the problems you are facing as it will help your partner understand that you are feeling stressed out. They are not mind-readers after all. Secondly, they could help you find a solution or at least try to make you feel less worried about it.

2. I want her to accompany me to family events.

Show that you support your partner by making time to join them when they are with their friends and family. They will appreciate that you are interested in getting to know the people who are closest to them. Additionally, when your partner is with their nearest and dearest they will let down their guard, which means you will benefit by seeing an honest reflection of their character and behaviour traits.

3. I want her to include me in her plans for the future.

What are your intentions for the relationship in the long term? In order to be the best girlfriend possible, you need to be clear about what you are both aiming for. EliteSingles partner psychotherapist Hilda Burke says that, “in any relationship both parties should have roughly the same goal as to what they want the relationship to be…it’s good to have the comfort of a sense of a shared vision.” Planning for your future together is vital to strengthening your bond.

4. I want her to give me freedom to have time for my own hobbies and interests.

Being together 24/7 can be rather destructive to a relationship. Allowing yourself to indulge in quality alone time will enable you not to be fully dependent on your partner. You both need to feel that you have the space to develop as an individual outside of the relationship.

5. I want her to make the time to talk to me every day.

Keeping up regular good communication with your partner is the key to you being the best possible girlfriend you can be. Of course lengthy conversations about your hopes, ambitions, beliefs and personalities are important but there is not always time everyday for that. So, even if it’s just a goodnight text or a post-it on the fridge saying good morning, your partner will feel pleased that you are thinking about them.