The Truth About Drowning Your Fears


Here it is. How it feels like to drown your fears, and decide to finally chase your dreams.

At first, it wouldn’t be comfortable – nothing ever is, really. You wake up one day, and you say to yourself that, “I’m going to pursue my dreams starting now.” but, exactly how? It’s the doing that’s always the hardest, more than the idea itself. The day you’ve decided to drown your fears, and live beyond the darkness is the first step. As we all have fears within us, insecurities here and there – those that kill us step by step. It’s up to you to take charge, and control over your life.

What they don’t tell you is that, it takes a long time before you can say no to those fears; and to not let it eat you alive anymore. Almost everyone will tell you, “chase your dreams!” or “do what you love!” but no one tells you about how hard it is to make that conscious effort to face your demons. How hard it is to save your drowning self from your own doings, fears, and little insecurities. It’s because we’re all just trying to pull up ourselves bit by bit, even when we don’t realize it. As we also slowly beat up ourselves with today’s society and social media.

Walking away from your fears is the best thing you could possibly do. Nothing feels better than owning them, accepting that those are an integral part of your personality, and turning them into fuel – for you to achieve your goals. I believe that it’s the most rewarding thing, to face your fears again and confidently say that, “You can’t eat me alive anymore.” Slowly, you’ll feel as if the lost years in your life are coming back, and you’re ready for the world now. You’re up for the challenge of life, and no one can ever bring you back down.

Chasing your dreams is much more than saying that you would, but actually doing it. Some people are ‘living the dream’, because they took courage to face the unknown; they took a leap of faith, and decided to go beyond the possibilities. They decided to create that perfect timing that changed their lives, and so can you. All you need to do is to believe in yourself – that you can do it. You need not to find the right timing, but rather create it. It’s how you finally chase your dreams; by being bold enough not to live in fear any longer.

Once you start pursuing your dreams, everything will slowly fall into its proper place. The things you weren’t so sure before would feel so right in the moment. It’s the best gift you can ever give yourself, more than anything. After settling for careers you weren’t exactly happy about, relationships you just wanted for the sake of it, and friendships that weren’t genuine, now it’s time to get real and start living for yourself.

Step out of the shadows and drown your fears.