The Truth About Finding ‘The One’ Is That You Will Meet ‘The Wrong One’ First


It has been an exhausting battle for you. You have fought so hard for a relationship that is not worth any pain and heartache. You do not want a love that is temporary and uncertain. Looking back to the days when you held on so much reminds you that you are worth keeping. Someone can definitely see that your soul is more important than looks and appearances and that you can be beautiful without your eyeglasses.

You often blame yourself for how love can wander like it was not made for you to keep. You take care of people too much and when they are ready to discover new things, you know that this also means an ending. You have a hard time understanding why love is such a hard feeling to receive. You certainly have to search for a home but hopeless enough to find it.

It is difficult to question yourself about how capable you are to endure the same heartaches without giving up. But being as strong as you are, you keep on hoping that someone will see you as a sanctuary where they will safely stay. Know that the wrong one carries himself with excess baggage of taking you for granted and not considering your efforts. He sees you as a savior instead of saving himself and drowns you with tears of asking your self-worth. The wrong one also comes knocking at your feet with sparkling lights and butterflies but suddenly fades when you are in the dark. The toxic relationship consumes you and your strength to fight.

But no matter how much pain you get from giving people so many chances, you will definitely discover that the right one will surely come. You surely know how to take care of yourself and choose the best people. He does not have anything to offer but you will assure him it is definitely okay. He will be imperfect but he knows how to make up from his mistakes. He is not there to give you mixed signals but will lead you to discover that God’s love is the foundation and it will always be.

There will never be tears falling from your face because the right one will wipe them clean. You do not have to hug your pillow late at night because someone will be there to comfort you from your nightmares. The wrong one will come but the right one will stay.

The wrong one will love you temporarily but the right one will embrace all of you and give you joy despite life’s greatest trials and battles.

This is how you will find him and there is nothing wrong in meeting the wrong one, all because you know how to settle for the best love you know you deserve ever since