The Truth About Focusing On Life In An Alternate Universe


I came across an interesting theory a few years back called the Multiverse theory. Basically, there was a philosopher back in the late 1800s suggesting that there are an infinite number of universes that exist simultaneously housing different realities and permutations of OUR universe – all happening once in different timelines.

So imagine a universe where you weren’t afraid to pursue your dream career. A reality where you didn’t succumb to the pressures of society, expectations of your parents, and the swoon towards temptation of money. You could’ve been a football player, a painter, a ballet dancer, or whatever your heart desired. You just simply went for it. Imagine the happiness, joy, and satisfaction it would have brought to your life.

Too bad it’s not in this universe.

An alternate reality where you lived happily ever after with the one that got away. Imagine everything went well. You played your cards right. You said all the right things and did all that was needed. Imagine she fell in love with you, you had an adventure of a lifetime, you get married in a tiny church outside the city and you have three wonderful kids. In this universe, she was your soulmate.

Sadly, not in this one.

A universe where your mother survived her tragic car crash. Imagine she lived a beautiful and healthy life, guiding you every step of the way. She lived so that she can hear your rant about your crush that rejected you. She lived so that she can tuck you in when you were sick and checks your temperature every hour. She lived so that she can see you waiting in the altar wearing the smile that makes her heart melt. She lived until a ripe old age and died peacefully in her sleep.

But my dear, not in this universe.

The mere thought of having endless possibilities becoming a reality is quite comforting. The idea that somewhere out there, there’s a version of you actually living the way you always wanted too – experiencing true happiness.

But not in this universe.

In this universe, you’re reading this article from Thought Catalog while lying down on your bed or probably commuting your way home. The thought of having an alternate universe either excites you or got you depressed.

It’s likely the latter.

I have good news for you, my friend.

You can still experience true happiness not just in another universe. You can experience it in this one. Yes, there are things that were said and done that we can never take back. But there are things that we can still say or do that can impact your life. It’s never too late.

There may be alternate universes living your dream, but that doesn’t mean you cant live yours in this one.