The Truth About How To Find Love


Love is a multitude of things, but perhaps its greatest attribute is its persistence. It is this persistence coupled with its stubbornness to defy reason that guarantees its unshakable presence in our lives. And if you’re sitting there, huddled in some wrong turn you’ve convinced yourself you’ve taken in the life you’re convinced is void of the mere suggestion of Love, think again. And know that Love is there and it is laughing at you. Because that’s another thing about Love – it has a sense of humour.

Despite what they say, sometimes Love does not live up to its expectation that it will find you at just the right time. Sometimes it finds you a bit later than the idealised time of when you least expect it. But today or tomorrow or a thousand and five hundred tomorrows after that, know that it will find you.

Because Love, while sometimes late, is never unrepresented.

The thing about representations is that there can be variations of them, variations of love. It has many faces and sometimes it goes unrecognised, sometimes unreciprocated, yet present. And present does not mean evergreen, it does not mean everlasting. Just because it finds you does not mean that it is yours to keep.

Love is not for the selfish. It cannot be tied down; it will not be caged and brought up in captivity. You must welcome love when it visits, make it comfortable, befriend it, but know that it is free to come and go.

So while I’m here making you believe once again that come it will, at the back of your mind remember that it may not stay. And though it may leave, do not doubt that as it found you that first time, it will find you again. Because love is as addicted as it is addictive. You taste love once and you want it again. You need it again. Love needs you too and it will not rest, not until it finds you.

And so, find you it will.

On a week night on your way home from work; On-board an overcrowded train; At the corner store; Out at the diner you haven’t been to since you were a kid; On a desolate beach in winter; On a sunny day in spring; At your front door or miles and miles from home in a country where they do not speak your language; In a touch of the hand; In the sound of a laugh you adore; In the strength of someone you admire.

Know that Love will find you.
It is as stubborn as you are.