The Truth About Modern Anxiety


The following article hopes to provide a thoroughly descriptive meaning to the word “anxiety”. In modern times, a majority of folks suffer from it whether we are actually aware of it or not. A more concerning thought is that a large portion of the populace are unaware of how paralyzing it can be. So before you judge another person as snobbish or uptight, consider the following which are just some of the ways anxiety can cripple an individual.

Anxiety is usually unnoticeable. The individual usually attempts to keep it to themselves in an attempt to not cause a commotion in public. It is quiet on the outside but inside our thoughts, it is a deafening sound that does not simply get switched off. Most of the time, it never does.

The volume just lowers to an extent that we get a period out of the paralyzed state but like a predator waiting to strike its prey, it can bring up the volume again at any moment.

Anxiety is your thoughts telling you that you cannot trust in the universe. It is the inability to fully experience a joyous moment because of the constant fear of that things will somehow fall apart once you let your guard down. Anxiety is using unrealistic logic and expectations to scrutinize your actions to tiny bits and pieces so that you could find something wrong to feel guilty about.

Anxiety is not shyness. Shyness is choosing to be silent because it feels uncomfortable to state what’s on your mind. Anxiety is wanting to express your thoughts but being forced to always second guess whether you should because of a traumatizing fear of being embarrassed or ignored.

Anxiety is the influence that convinces you to ignore anything that takes an amount of time and dedication to accomplish because somewhere down the road, you have this notion that you will mess up badly and every effort that you’ve made would’ve been for nothing.

It makes you question your capabilities on a daily basis and it gives you the notion that everybody is just waiting to broadcast your failures to the world.

Anxiety is replaying a traumatizing event over and over again in your head until you’ve paralyzed yourself with all of its details so when anything remotely similar to the formula of the event comes up, the amount of panic and noise in your head becomes unbearable.

Anxiety is feeling completely at fault when prioritizing yourself. It is the undeserving feeling of guilt you get when you treat yourself. It is assuming unrealistically exaggerated vengeful consequences that the universe will bestow upon you once you attempt to walk a path that’s different from others.  

Anxiety is having thoughts of constant failure and doubt when being introduced to anything new whether it’s a new project, a new environment or anything that’s remotely different from what you’ve grown accustomed to. It’s the constant bothersome feeling that everything will fall apart because you’re simply incapable of surviving anything outside your comfort zone. It is wasting a huge amount of time attempting to logically convince yourself of your ability to make it but failing in the end to accept it.

Anxiety is the voice in your head that tells you that you’re acting like an asshole even though you really aren’t and that everyone else thinks you’re an asshole even though they probably don’t. So, as a defense mechanism, you end up acting like an asshole because you feel constantly judged even though that really isn’t the case.

Anxiety is simply knowing logically that things are and will be all right but having an incapability to accept that notion.