The Truth About Your Emotions


Emotions are neither intrinsically good nor bad – they just are. Yes, it is true that some are more favourable than others. However, that does not mean that it is never right to feel the emotions that are deemed less favourable. In fact, it is very much okay to feel angry, sad, jealous, happy, or basically anything you feel like feeling. You are a human being and it is part of being so to feel. Do not be ashamed of having certain emotions. There is nothing wrong with you if you do. You are a human – it is natural to have them.

Embrace your emotions. There is absolutely nothing wrong with feeling them. In fact, the only thing that could be wrong about feeling a certain way is feeling as if it is wrong to feel that way. Yes, it is true that you should not let your emotions control you. However, understand that neither should you constrain them. This is because once you do, you are also constraining yourself. Don’t. Set yourself free. You owe that to yourself.

Speaking of obligations, remember that you owe no one anything when your feelings are involved. Your feelings are yours and yours alone. No one has the right to dictate on to you that by which you must feel. They are not you. Only you are you. Thus, stop pretending to be happy when you are not. Stop pretending not to be jealous when you are. Stop pretending not to care when you do and vice versa. In short, stop pretending to be someone you are not for everyone else’s sake. Just be you.

Yes, I know that sometimes the hardest person to be is yourself. It is so much easier to continue playing roles because by doing so, you run less of a risk of being rejected. However, the truth is, by pretending to be someone you’re not because of a fear of being rejected, you are never giving yourself the chance to be accepted. Who or what they are really accepting is everyone and anyone else but you. So, step out and be brave enough to accept yourself for who you are. Trust me, once you do, everyone and everything else will follow. Show the world the entire spectrum of you. Yes, that includes the happy, tired, sad, jealous, angry, and disgusted sides of you because without at least one of these, you wouldn’t really be you.