The Truth Is, We Can’t Be ‘Just Friends’


Here are some facts: I like you and I’ve told you this. You like me and you’ve told me this. I get you. You get me. I make you smile. You make me smile. I think about you all the time. You think about me all the time.

Yet despite these facts, we’re not together, and we won’t be together.

I want to get over you. I really do. I know you only got out of a bad long-term relationship two months ago. I know you’re only 24 and still figuring out a lot of things for yourself. I know you want to do you for a little while. I know you don’t know what you want right now. I understand that you’re not ready to get invested in a new relationship.

But at the same time, it’s just so hard. It doesn’t help that I think you’re incredible. It doesn’t help that you’re just my type. It doesn’t help that you’re the sweetest, most caring person I’ve ever met. It doesn’t help that you’re a musician and that I think your music is fantastic. It doesn’t help that I click with you like I’ve never clicked with anyone before.

And what doesn’t help the most is that we’re trying to stay friends. I mean, how? How am I supposed to stay just friends with someone I’ve flirted with everyday for the past three months? How do I stay just friends with someone I’ve held in bed at night and talked about my some of my deepest secrets and fears with? How do I stay just friends with someone I’ve kissed during those long nights? Or someone that I’ve been physically intimate with? Or emotionally intimate? How do I remain just friends with someone with whom I’ve felt the deepest emotional connection I’ve ever felt with another person?

As much as I want you in my life, I’m starting to think I can’t. I just can’t be your friend. I can’t be just your friend.

I’m sorry, but it isn’t going to work.