The Type Of Bitch I Am


I work in the adult industry and I know that the general tone is that, you are a piece of meat, you can always be replaced and there is always someone newer, younger, fresher with bigger tits willing to do more for less around every bend.

The thing is, I don’t give a fuck.

That’s not the type of bitch I am.

I am the type of bitch that when I am on cam and guys come in saying “show me what you can do for me baby.”

I say, “show ME what YOU can do for ME sweetie.”

Give ME a reason why I should do a show for you. Start by treating Me like a human being, and not a used car dealer trying to hustle for a dollar. Tell Me what kind of show you are looking for. Maybe it’s one I will like too. Communicate with me. I find that sexy. Show ME what YOU can do for me.

Because just like there are a hundred million other cam girls live RIGHT now willing to show off for you for free trying to entice you to get a show where they probably put way bigger things inside themselves for way less money than I do, there’s also a hundred million other jackass customers who are gonna come at me like they’re doing me a fucking favor by contemplating watching my live show.

Show ME what YOU can do for Me.

I’m not the type of bitch whose going to entertain any request and run off cam and get a special pair of shoes and put em on before you’ve tipped me and hope beyond hope you get that $1.99 camshow. Nah, that’s not me. I’d rather wait until I can find someone who can hold at least a semi-intelligent conversation and once we’ve said hello like civil adults and communicated our desires, that person is gonna pay $4.99 a minute and my show is gonna be damn good.

I’m Bella Vendetta. And that’s the type of bitch I am.

I’m not the type of bitch that when I go into a strip club to dance I don’t go around sitting on guys laps and putting my hands down their pants and offering to do two for one dances or half price champagne rooms just so I can make some money. I respect my hustle too much.

I do an awesome stage show and pole work and always have a good outfit on and say hello and dance for every person who puts a dollar up. Yep, even one dollar. Respect the hustle. If you like the show you can put some more money up. I’ll probably stay longer and chat. I’ll probably do a better dance. You’ll probably see my pussy. Because I’m not the type of bitch who shows my pussy LIVE at a club close enough for you to fukin smell it for one dollar. Hell, you’re lucky you even got that close with the thong on for one dollar so don’t go begging and asking me to put it closer and complaining you didn’t get to see my pussy if you put up one dollar.

Cheap people turn me off. I’m not the type of bitch that needs your dollar so bad that I’ll do something I don’t wanna to get it. I’m the type of bitch that if you say something like “what can you do for me in the lapdance room?” I’ll laugh at you and say “Give you a really good dance.”

I’m not jerking you off for twenty bucks motherfucker.

I’m not jerking you off for any amount of money.

You’re not gonna put your hands all over me and you’re not gonna see what you can get away with. Because If you do I’m the type of bitch that’s gonna knee you in the balls and get your ass removed from the club. Respect the hustle. Show Me what YOU can do for ME.

Treat me like a lady. Buy me a drink, have a conversation, let me get turned on. Then let me do a really slow nasty lap dance for you, 3 minutes of intense tease and denial, you’ll be rock hard and wanting more and if you’re a good boy and I don’t have to play a game of keep away from your hands I might softly put your hands on me, I might brush against your face, I might get closer. You’ll leave poorer and with your dick drooling down your leg or you’re pussy pulsing and dripping, but you won’t be mad, and you won’t regret it. I promise. I’m that good. I’m Bella fuckin Vendetta and that’s the type of bitch I am.

I’m the type of bitch that did a very hardcore training at the world’s oldest BDSM trainign chateau.

I’m not the type of bitch who put on a hot topic corset and bought a whip online and started calling Myself a Pro Domme. I’m the type of bitch who has taken years and years and trained with multiple Master and Mistresses and gotten multiple certifications and taken medical classes and led workshops and truly know the meaning of safe, sane and consensual play.

I’m not the type of bitch who is gonna tie you up and suck your pathetic dick.

I’m the type of bitch who is gonna train you how to properly SERVE a Mistress of My caliber.

I am not the type of bitch who nonchalantly meets with guys off the internet for $100. I am the type of bitch who has strict protocol process of determining if you are even worthy of meeting with me in person. I am the type of bitch who wants to verify who the fuck you are. I am the type of bitch who needs a 50% deposit before I even think of giving you the satisfaction of serving me. I am the type of bitch you SERVE. Not the type of bitch you do something naughty and then get some sexy topless spanking as a reward.

I’m the type of bitch that when you fuck up, you do not get to be in my presence. THAT is your punishment. The honor of my hand on your bare flesh will come when you have done something to please me, as a REWARD. Because I’m the type of bitch that lives this lifestyle, not cutesy fifty shades of grey games in the bedroom style. The type of bitch you are going to train to be the best slave you can be to serve me to the best of your abilities. I am old guard. I make no apologies for it.

That’s the type of bitch I am.

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