The Type Of Girl You’re Looking For


She’s spirited. The most notable item she wears is this laugh. You can’t exactly describe it. It’s subtle yet melodious. It’s the type of laugh you could listen to over and over and you try to elicit with each attempted joke. The joke isn’t truly funny but she laughs anyway because she’s the type of girl who appreciates effort more than result.

She’s empathetic. The largest organ in her body is her heart. Now, I know you may scorn this fact as impossibility but this heart of hers is a medical exception, a wonder even. Her heart is inflated with an unusual degree of compassion but this doesn’t worry her. While others may be apprehensive of emotion, she’s the type of girl who fears little of what she can’t control and what she believes the world needs more of. Love is limitless, is the hidden tattoo on her heart.

She’s strong. She may have a defined physique or she may not, it’s irrelevant really because strength isn’t reflected by the exterior body. No, real strength is measured deep within our bones at the root of where our souls live. It’s the unknowing power that emerges in times of despair and redeems our survival and she personifies this. She’s the type of girl with an unearthed amount of strength that withstands all winds of life. She’s a fighter, a little scarred from past battles but unhinged by grievance. She refuses to harden; instead she forgives and moves forward. She understands that mercy bears richer fruits than malice. She inflects love instead of harm.

That’s all grand you may think, but is she fictional? She appears too idealistic, too prescriptively defined. She possesses all of the right ingredients that hipster writers sermonize, enough of each characteristic, an oddly balanced personality. She’s almost too impeccable to exist.

But she does exist; she is in fact real in the truest of ways. She isn’t exclusively whole but she exists in fragmented parts. She exhibits these qualities quite often, but never always. She is human of course and bound by imperfection. What makes her ideal isn’t a complete execution of admirable traits, but an unyielding devotion in the trying. She’s the type of girl that never stops trying, never stops trying to be the improved version of herself defined by whatever terms she sees fit. And she exists, her vitality reflected in our mothers, sisters and best friends and most importantly, in ourselves.