The Ugly Truth Is He Only Liked The Idea Of Her


He left just like that. There was no explanation given as to why, he kept her hanging on the edge wondering what happened along the way. She deserved an explanation, but it wasn’t given to her. She wondered if she wasn’t worth the truth, she even wondered if she was worth anything at all. But then one day it dawned on her, he only liked the idea of her.

He liked the idea of someone out there is waiting for him.

He liked the idea of someone out there is willing to listen to his countless rants.

He liked the idea of someone who would possibly love him.

He liked the idea of someone checking on him.

He liked the idea of someone trying to be part of his life.

But he never really liked the person embodying it.

You see, if he really liked her and not just the idea of her, he would have done something grand and loud about how he felt. Instead, he did the exact opposite and took advantage of the situation.

He played with her heart and toyed with her mind. He played his little mind trick games to keep her hoping, to keep her coming back. And then suddenly, he got tired of playing, he just cut off loose ends as if nothing ever happened, and as if nothing ever mattered.

And so, he left, just like that.

But even though he left her hanging, even though he didn’t give her any explanation, she still couldn’t get mad with him. It’s not because she’s a martyr, it’s just how she is. Even if she saw the red flags already, she still stayed and remained patient. She still tried her best to understand him, that is both her strength and her weakness; seeing the good in people even if she’s already being taken advantage of.

Even though he caused her to question her worth, she still wants what’s best for him. Even though she must pick up the pieces by herself, she only wants happiness for him. She will still be her friend, but remain only as her friend.

Sometimes, we reach a point where we think we finally found the one, but along the way the universe would bring you to a state of epiphany and you will just realize, you did find the one, the one who would lead you to the right one.

She was worth more than his ideal girl, she was worth more than just the idea of someone.

He only liked the idea of her, not the person itself.