The Ultimate Farewell To Fuckboys


Dear Insignificant Other,

I want to apologize for how I behaved during our “association.” Never once could what we were be defined as a relationship because you wouldn’t have it and I was tolerant. That is what I apologize for most. For being tolerant (or in my mind, supportive), for being kind (or what you might call, weak), and for being open (or what you may describe as, “easy”).

Above all, I apologize for trying to practice patience with your attitudes and actions. I did my best to meet you where you were at emotionally and mentally and I got manipulated and hurt in the process. Being with you has some disgusting memories but they are lessons I have learned and only developed my character to be stronger. I cannot blame you for everything because I stayed and I tolerated. I could have easily said, “I’m out!” but I didn’t want to give up on you. I saw some greatness in you and I know what it’s like for someone to forfeit a friendship, a kinship, relationship, or whatever you’d like to call them. It hurts. I am grateful to those that did not give up on me and I didn’t want to be one of those that did with you.

My promise to you is that I am going to change for the greater to attract the significant other that will inevitably replace you. I thought you were the one but I was completely wrong. The following are changes that will be implemented to the best of my abilities starting immediately:

Speaking up.

When I don’t like something I see or feel uncomfortable about something you have said or done to me, I’m going to say it in the most polite but direct way possible. Granted, I am not trying to change anyone but I also do not want or deserve to feel like a lesser human being so you can feel comfortable with your present circumstances.

More sophistication.

Naturally, I am a sophisticated lady; however, I have adopted the persona that is less than refined in some respects when it comes to my appearance around your type (type = Fuckboys). From now on, I will be all the attraction while holding my own in an authentic manner.

No more “hanging out.”

I have a lot of fabulous outfits that are ready to see the world. The instance you start asking to “hang out” at my/your house is the instance I say, “Over!” Of course, that can change over time but asking too soon and too often will be a no-no. Furthermore, this new and uncanny phenomenon that is “Netflix and chill,” is pure laziness and shows no creativity towards producing a genuine connection with anyone!

I will use my intelligence to its full capacity when and how it is needed.

No more playing dumb so you look good. If you mess up, I will tell you in a way that encourages you to remedy the issue without losing your sense of identity.

No more buying myself dates.

if you wanted to spend time with me, you would. If you wanted to take me out, you’d ask. ‘Nough said. I’m not doing that mess anymore. Come get it!

I promise to be ever much the lady at all times.

I’m not going to lose my cool or my purpose at any given time. That doesn’t just apply to you, but everyone.

Lastly, I won’t be afraid to say, “Goodbye,” if and when I need to.

If you are not adding, you are subtracting. Life is a constant math equation that is looking to be solved. And if your contribution to the solution is negative, you will be subtracted.

I felt it was important to have this discussion now because I had goals of what I wanted to find and came up empty or extremely short-handed. That will occur no more. I am a wife, not a mistress — a girlfriend, not a side chick. As previously stated, that is my fault because I did not know any better, but I made my ignorance known. But shame on you for exploiting my vulnerability instead of enriching or teaching me differently. Nonetheless, I thank you for the experience. My future love is going to love me more for turning all of your negatives into positives to be loved, appreciated, valued, and trusted.