The Unedited Truth About How You Find The Right Love At The Right Time


Many of us are trying to chase “the one.”

We keep searching for the guy who can melt our hearts away and sweep us off our feet, the guy we think would complete us. And in doing so, we inevitably fail at love sometimes. We get our hearts broken over and over. We cry and condemn all the guys in the world because we think they are all the same – heartbreakers.

We meet different people. We engage in different kinds of relationships. We may experience one-sided love, unrequited love, right-love-wrong-time-kind-of-love and we even get in the friend zone sometimes.

You see, we have to endure a lot before we get to that kind of love that we dream of.

But have we forgotten that the best kind of relationship that we can ever have is the one with ourselves?

When we fully accept our own flaws and not hate them but use them as our strengths instead, when we fully understand the way we are as a person, and when we can finally learn to stand on our feet and be our own source of happiness?

Love yourself first and watch the world triple the love it will give back to you – the amount of love that you deserve.

Only then will you be able to see things slowly fall into place. You’ll learn that you don’t necessarily need someone to “complete” you.

Self-respect, self-worth, and self-love—these are what you need if you want to find true love. You don’t need to please or beg someone to stay or love you because if you have these, the right person will find his way to you.

Commit to yourself first so no one will be able to break your heart again because you already know your worth. Then, you’ll learn how to discern when to walk away from negative people and from those who can’t appreciate you. You’ll finally learn to prioritize yourself and make yourself happy—and I think, this is the “right love at the right time” kind of love—the relationship we have with ourselves.